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White Restorations

White restorations (composite resin fillings) replace missing tooth structure. They can be used to fill a hole/cavity caused by decay, to fix a chipped or cracked tooth, or to restore teeth that have been damaged from wear or tooth brush abrasion.

Composite Resin restorations have beautiful aesthetics and can be almost undetectable when placed.

White Restorations can be veneered directly onto the front of teeth surfaces to change the shape, colour or appearance of these teeth, and don’t require any removal of tooth structure. After approximately 5 years they will need to be replaced with either new Composite resin veneers or with porcelain ceramic veneers which are a more permanent solution.

Composite Resin restorations are very effective as they bond to the tooth directly – this means these fillings can be placed in teeth with minimal removal of tooth structure – as a result these fillings can be more conservative that other types of filling materials. These types of fillings generally last between 5-10 years and will require replacement/maintenance during these periods.