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Professional Cleaning

At Dental at Campbelltown we recommend regular professional cleaning of your teeth. During a clean we remove calculus (tartar) which causes gingivitis and periodontal disease. Calculus develops when the dental plaque on your teeth hardens and sticks to the teeth – this cannot be removed with a toothbrush and requires a professional dental clean to remove it.

Calculus builds up over time and we find for most people it is beneficial to have professional cleans every 6 months to remove the build up, however some people may require more frequent cleans at 3-4 month intervals. People who are higher risk include people with orthodontic appliances, periodontal disease, poor brushing technique, implants, or people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

If dental tartar is present it can cause bone loss which can eventually lead to loose or wobbly teeth.
At your professional cleaning appointment we will give helpful advice and techniques on ways to help keep your teeth sparkling clean. This includes demonstration on how to floss and use interdental aids in between the teeth and how to clean under any orthodontic wire retainers.


Professional fluoride treatment can be applied to your teeth at your clean appointments which can help to prevent decay. Professional fluoride treatment, as advised by your dentist, strengthens teeth by remineralisation and can reverse early areas of decay. This is especially important for people that have a high decay risk as well as using fluoride toothpaste at home.