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Root Canal treatment

Sometimes the nerve inside your tooth can die. This can be for many different reasons some of which include: deep decay into the nerve of the tooth, deep fillings which get close to the nerve, trauma to the teeth, increased forces on the teeth (orthodontic, clenching, grinding).

Sometimes there is a lot of pain when a tooth dies, sometimes there is none, sometimes there can be a swelling in the gums which can indicate signs of an infection.

A root canal treatment is a way to keep these teeth rather than extracting them. It takes several appointments to complete and involves cleaning the inside of the tooth (canals) to remove all dead nerve tissue and bacteria, placing medication to help fight the infection between appointments, shaping the inside of the tooth and finally filling the inside of the tooth.

After a root canal treatment your dentist may recommend a crown to be made for your tooth. A root canal treated tooth is often weaker than the other teeth and a full coverage crown restoration is a good way to protect your tooth.