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Extractions & Replacement

At Dental at Campbelltown we can perform dental extractions in the chair; however depending on the condition of the tooth we may recommend a referral to a specialist to complete the extraction. Teeth that are heavily decayed or broken, root canal treated and some wisdom teeth often require a surgical extraction and we will refer to an oral surgeon for these treatments.

Prior to an extraction your dentist will need to assess your tooth and take an x-ray to determine course of action. We will also discuss treatment options for your tooth and replacement options.


Missing teeth can be a big problem for many people. If they are close to the front of your mouth they can make you self-conscious, they can make eating difficult, and people often find food getting caught in the areas.

There are several replacement options for missing teeth. Your dentist can discuss which ones may be more suitable to your situation:

  • Implants - an implant is placed in the bone where the old tooth used to be and a crown is designed to fit in the space above, it acts as a replacement for a missing tooth.
  • Dentures - dentures are a good replacement option for several missing teeth or all missing teeth. They can be made from acrylic (plastic base) or cobalt chrome (metal base).
  • Bridge - a good replacement option for one or two missing teeth. Involves a crown placed either side of the space and a ceramic tooth joining the two crowns together.